VSAT HUB Service

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Alawsat was the main contractor for Provide satellite HUB services on behalf of Iraqi MoD. includes VSAT HUB upgrade and commissioning (iDirect Hub), Backup HUB service and bandwidth service for tens of fixed and mobile sites connected to Hub network

MoD Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

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Complete military class UHF network consists of number of fixed and mobile sites with many encryption levels. It consists of core site which connects all remote sites by multiple means of transport networks (Vsat, WiMAX or FO) although these remote sites can work autonomously when disconnected from the core. The project includes tens of terminals sites and hundreds of terminal devices with different kinds (Portable, Vehicular or Fixed).

ITPC (19-2012) AXE810 spare parts

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Update of Enabler 1.0 software and applied on all TDM switches even on Existing Ericsson TDM switches (AXE-810) working within ITPC landline network. In addition to provide aquate amount of spare parts to these Switches. The update applied to all Ericsson AXE TDM switches that do not house EAR nodes; thus in order to have all TDM switches using latest supported software and to have all TDM switches on the same software level. The project applied to Seven AXE TDM … Continue reading “ITPC (19-2012) AXE810 spare parts”

MW transport netwrok

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Microwave Long-Haul links: Projects below have been achieved in ITPC Baghdad sites. MW LH PH1 (1/2009): To provide 30 Microwave links with capacity of 7+1 STM-1 for each link distributed as a rings between 23 sites. MW LH PH2 (10/2010): To provide additional 5 Microwave LH Links to the existing network with capacity equal to 14+2 STM-1 for each link. MW LH PH3 (13/2011): To provide an additional capacity of existing 30 (7+1 STM-1) links to reach 14 +2 STM-1 … Continue reading “MW transport netwrok”

MH-HH Production

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Locations for producing MH\HH for the FTTH project with around 100 pieces per day with high quality production and based on the international specifications.