MW transport netwrok

Microwave Long-Haul links:

Projects below have been achieved in ITPC Baghdad sites.

MW LH PH1 (1/2009): To provide 30 Microwave links with capacity of 7+1 STM-1 for each link distributed as a rings between 23 sites.

MW LH PH2 (10/2010): To provide additional 5 Microwave LH Links to the existing network with capacity equal to 14+2 STM-1 for each link.

MW LH PH3 (13/2011): To provide an additional capacity of existing 30 (7+1 STM-1) links to reach 14 +2 STM-1 capacity for each link. Install new 2 MW LH links with capacity equal to (7+1). Also install new two 60m GF towers for the same new sites.