ALAwsat provides a list of high-end, comprehensive and efficient solutions, including:

1. Project Conceptualization:

 Tender/bidding preparation

◊ Detailing scope of work

◊ Design project organization to optimize for the different cultural environments organizational job descriptions


2. Project Planning & Design:

 Traffic Coverage Analysisprogram-management

◊ Cellular Network Design & Nominal Cell Plan

◊ RF Survey

◊ System Design

◊ Complete network Dimensioning

◊ Prepare MOP’s (Methods of Procedures)

3. Project Implementation:


◊ Solution delivery in all terms; materials sourcing, provisioning, commissioning, execution, testing, operation and maintenance.

◊ Completely follow contract specifications

◊ Procurement from approved sources

◊ Execute projects as per International standards & practices

◊ Documentation for every activity


4. Project Management:

◊ Extensive international and local experience in project managementproject_management

◊ Multi-vendor experience.

◊ Provide top qualified experts, local and expats covering all phases and skills needed for a successful project