AL-AWSAT Projects
During its years of operations, Al-Awsat has taken on and successfully completed a number of projects in the various fields it covers.


Al-Awsat currently supplies governmental & non-governmental organizations with exchanges (switches) of all the different capacities. Achievements in the Telecommunications Field:

1. Partners of Ericsson for supplying of 8 – switches Ericsson made type AXE to ITPC.

2. Partners of Ericsson for supplying of (500K) soft switches contract 31/2005 to ITPC.

3. Logistic aide for contract 50/2003 and 27/2005.

4. Site survey for contract 50/2003 and 27/2005 (5 sites).

5. A/C, raised floor and power installation of contract 50/2003.

6. Installation of 2 – switches made by Ericsson (AXE) for Basrah site (transit), Kirkuk site (translocal) turn-key project and Mosul H.W only (transit).

7. Supplying and installing MD110 Ericsson switches for Ministers Council.

8. Supplying and Installing MD110 Ericsson switch for Al-Janaby group (Al-Rasheed Broadcast Center).

9. Installation of Microwave (Mini Link) to (MOI) Ministry of interior (TETRA Project).

10. Installation of AFRN Project for MDS Company MOI Project.

11. Supplying and Installing M/W, PBX, Power AC/DC and Towers for Khurmala Project (North Oil Co.) with KAR-AvrAsya as a joint venture.

12. Supplying 18 links SDH to MOTC – Erbil with I-TECH Company – Ericsson.

13. Supplying spare parts to the switches and spare parts for Mini link made by Ericsson to MCI Company.

14. Supplying of Trunking System, PBX and PA System / Hamren Project / NOC.

15. Installation M/W systems, towers, shelters and generators for IRR Projects and LGS.

16. Partners of Ericsson for supplying of (160kl) soft switch.

17. Partners of Ericsson for supplying Spare parts for Ramadi exchange (TDM).

18. Partners of Ericsson for supplying SDH equipment, installation & commissioning -Contract 1/2009.

19. Partners of Ericsson for supplying DWDM project phase 1 & 2 with spare parts.

20. Partners of Ericsson for supplying & Installation equipment of LH Project phase(2) – Contract 7/2010.

21. Partners of Ericsson for DWDM Support project – ITPC / MOC – Contract16/2010.

22. Partners of Ericsson for supplying & Installation equipment for ADSL project – SCIS / MOC–Contract 16/2010.

23. Partners of Ericsson for DWDM Expansion project – ITPC / MOC – Contract 10/2011.

24. Partners of Ericsson for LH phase (3) project – ITPC / MOC – Contract 13/2011.

25. Partners of Ericsson for International Gateways project – ITPC/MOC – Contract 15/2011.

26.Supplying Minilink to Asia Cell Company according to purchase order (1, 2 and 3) between Ericsson and Asia Cell Company (2005-2006)

27.FTK Project with Asiacell “2007 & 2010”.

28. Partners of Ericsson for NGN Core project – ITPC / MOC – Contract 20/2011.

29. Swap Management 1500 sites Zain-IRAQ & Ericsson.

30. Diesel Generators Swap – 2G Swap Project // 180 sites “2012”.

31.2G Swap Project for AsiaCell and Zain with Ericsson’s equipment – 2012-2013-2014:-

Out Door Site

a. Foundation
b. Sun sheet
c. Fixing the MDB & ATS BSS Work
d. Installation the Ericsson Cabinet 6102
e. Configuration the IDB of the site
f. Connect the E1 from MW to the SIU with configuration SIU
g. Check the VSWR for all the sectors in site Master
h. Trouble shooting all the alarm raised after Swap

Indoor Site

a. Replace the old Cabinet to Ericsson Cabinet 6201 with installation 3Phase power cable
b. New Configuration the IDB
c. Connect the E1 from MW to the Cabinet During RJ45 Cable
d. Trouble shooting the internal & external alarms

32. 3G Swap Project for AsiaCell and Zain with Ericsson’s equipment – 2012-2013-2014:-

a. Installation 3 Sectors with new Antenna or Swap Antenna for Tri band Frequency (900+1800+2100) MHZ

b. Installation 3 RRU for Cabinet 6601 with Fiber optic and DC power Cable

c. Check in the site (Tilt + Azmoth)

d. DUW Configuration for WCDMA

33. Expansion Project: ( Zain-Ericsson) 2012 :-

a. Replace the old Antenna by new one duel band
b. New Configuration with IDB with add a new RUS according to the new configuration
c. Trouble shooting if alarms raised

34. FTK Project: ( Zain-Ericsson) 2012-2013 :-
a. Installation the new Cabinet Indoor or Outdoor
b. Configuration with IDB for the site
c. Check the VSWR for the Sectors in the Site Master
d. ATP by Join Visit with (FLM and power and CW team)

35. Antenna System & Cabinet Pre-installation & Commissioning – AsiaCell Swap Project Antenna System:

a. Pre testing of antenna & RET verification
b. Mechanical : Equipped poles with the mechanics for support and then Antennas, RRUS, junction box and filters.
c. Cable, Grounding and Labeling : Connected the jumpers, fiber tails, grounding.
d. Testing

a. Installation of 2G,3G and/or ML 2P/20P
b. Cable installation, Labeling and Power up .
c. Commission the RBS’s 2G, 3G and/ML 2P/20P.

36. Expansion Project: (Zain -Ericsson) 2014 in progress.


Al-Awsat embraces a team of motivated, skilled and professional civil engineers for working on different kinds of constructions such as control buildings, fencing, tower foundations, exchanges and shelters. The company also provides construction for different types of civil work related to telecommunications projects including design and implementation of tower basis and special designs for fuel tank enclosure (reinforced enclosure). Example: MCI site-Airport – North Victory.


1) General Hospital in Hilla / AFRN Project (TO6).

2) Police Station in Nasiriyah / AFRN Project (TO6).

3) Diffa Madani (Civil Defense) in Mosul / 40m in height / AFRN Project (TO6).

4) Abi Tammam Exchange in Mosul / 40m in height / AFRN Project (TO6).

5) Bat-haa, Nassiriyah & Souq Al-Shuyokh sites in Nassiriyha province and Marbad, Ghabishiyah, Shouiba, Rumaila, Umm Qasr & Maqal sites in Basrah province.


Al-Awsat also employs a team of expert and experienced engineers in the mechanical field consisting of:

* Manufacturing, supplying & installing extensions and new towers and various tower designs according to customer requirements.

* Supplying, installing & maintaining different kinds of electronic generators according to national standards and specifications.
* Supplying, installing & maintaining Air Conditioning Systems according to customer requirements.

Our commitment to quality within Al-Awsat Telecommunications
Services facilities are confirmed by the following certifications:
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.