Optical Transport Network (DWDM)

Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is a technology that puts data from different sources together on an Optical fiber, with each signal carried at the same time on its own separate light wavelength.

  • DWDM PH1 and PH2: To provide technical support for DWDM project.
  • DWDM PH3 (10/2011): To provide 9 new DWDM sites in addition to the existing sites including 2 years of technical support.
  • DWDM PH4 (16/2012): To provide an expansion to 24 existing sites by adding new Transponders and Multi Transponders with a capacity of (10 GHz) One wavelength for each direction and (80 GHz) for the main DWDM ring . Also add new Raman Amplifiers for each direction.

Project Includes technical support for one year.